Time to advocate ‘Pakistaniness’: PM

Time to advocate ‘Pakistaniness’: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said that if people all over the world want to promote the soft image of Pakistan, they should advocate ‘Pakistaniness’.

Addressing the National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) Awards in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said, “During the war on terror, Pakistanis were called extremists. To counter this, they were asked to promote a soft image of Pakistan. “Citizens think that if they wear western clothes and speak English, it will give a soft image of Pakistan,” he said. “During that time, I was called Taliban Khan.” “Speaking English and wearing Western clothes does not present a soft image,” he said, referring only to an inferior complex, adding, “A soft image is presented through self-reliance.” […] So respect yourself first and the world will respect you in return. “

The Prime Minister said that this misunderstanding of soft image stems from the concept of “enlightened moderation”. “People who do not have self-respect are considered inferior, others are copied and lack trust, the world does not respect them,” he said. “I have full faith in my youth […] I hope they find context and real life stories in Pakistan.

Highlighting the blessings that Pakistan has been blessed with, he said that the country has 12 climate zones, which makes it easy for him to grow everything he wants.

“The previous government did not pay attention to the tourism of historical places [….] Pakistan has a huge potential for tourism and we are taking focused steps to promote tourism in the country.

The Prime Minister said that the soft image of a country can be promoted only through the ownership of one’s identity. If we want to present a soft image of Pakistan, we need to promote it [the country’s true identity]”

The Prime Minister said that the world values ​​the original content and not the imitation, because he criticized the films made in Pakistan, which ‘copy’ Bollywood. “I have seen the beginning of Pakistan’s film industry [….] We started copying Indian films a few years later, ”he said sadly.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan started adopting foreign cultures instead of promoting itself through films. “Bring the original idea and don’t be afraid of failure,” he told emerging filmgoers. “A person who is afraid of failure can never be a good player,” he said. He added that young filmmakers who have tried to promote Pakistani culture will receive special allowances from the government to boost their morale.

Imran Khan said that when he takes Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan abroad with him, singers in America will love his music, not Pakistani pop singers. Because they only imitated the West. He reiterated that “the world values ​​original ideas,” adding that in the past, Pakistan’s television industry produced standard content that was popular in India as well.

The Prime Minister, while sharing his experiences in his cricket career, said that he had introduced the technique of bowling reverse swing and opening with spinners to the world, an idea which was later copied by the whole world. Earlier, there was a mentality that they would not be able to win against the British cricket team due to the serious effects of colonialism and they suffered their defeats, he added, adding that when things changed. He started his self-confidence with a new game. Technique.

The Prime Minister called for following the thoughts of the founding fathers of the country, including Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said he was repeatedly told that people would not watch local films unless commercials were included. “Vulgarity started in Hollywood, Bollywood came and then this kind of culture was promoted here. I made a request to the Turkish President at that time and brought the serial ‘Ertglool’ to Pakistan. It has an alternative culture but it is popular and people see it.

Addressing on the occasion, Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said that in today’s world there is a competition on public opinion and perception in which media is playing an important role. He added that the media is being used effectively as a tool to create narratives around the world.

Major General Babar Iftikhar, Director General, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), also addressed the event and said that it was time to work to improve Pakistan’s image. “Why don’t we give the youth the responsibility to show the real Pakistan?” Asked, he added that the festival is a platform that would not only present a positive image of Pakistan to the world but also “encourage youth and give new skills to Pakistan’s media industry”.


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