Tips to protect your car from vehicle theft

Tips to protect your car from vehicle theft

Cars are undoubtedly a convenient mode of transportation whether you are going to work on weekdays or going on a long road trip on weekends. Banks and non-banking financial companies provide easy access to loans in the form of auto loans for new and used cars. You can opt for a lower interest rate car loan With flexible loan tenure to buy the car of your choice. When choosing a car, consumers usually look at price, performance and modern features such as a touchscreen infotainment system or a sunroof. However, it is also important to consider whether your dream car has adequate safety features like anti-theft devices, central locking system, child lock safety and car alarms.

Buying a car is as difficult as buying a property. After going through all the hassle of choosing a suitable car and getting a car loan, it is really unreasonable that you have to deal with the fear of your new car being stolen. Unfortunately, car theft is high in this country. What has become clear over time is that most car thefts are incidents of chance, which begs the question – can car thefts be prevented if the vehicle owner is alert and some effective security measures are implemented. ?

Yes, cars do not offer the same return on investment as a home or property due to their high depreciation rate and low resale value. Nevertheless, having a car stolen can have a devastating impact on the owner not only on the financial front but also on the practical front i.e. whenever you want to travel from one place to another, you are inconvenienced by not having a car in hand. Here is a list of safety/safety measures you can take protect your vehicle from theft:

Get Motor Insurance Policy: Do you know that as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all vehicles in India must have a third-party liability motor insurance policy? This includes all passenger and commercial vehicles. However, to protect yourself from damage to the vehicle resulting from car burglary/theft, you need to: comprehensive car insurance policy.

Lock your car: This safety measure is pretty basic – don’t leave your car unattended after you’ve parked it in a private or public place. Do not leave car keys in the ignition of a parked car. Get into the habit of keeping keys in your pocket or bag. Lock your car windows after you park your car. Open car windows serve as a tempting opportunity for thieves and rodents to break into your vehicle.

Do not keep valuables in your car: Remove all valuables from your vehicle if you plan to park it in a public place. If you have no choice but to leave valuables like laptops or camera equipment in your vehicle, at least make sure it is well hidden from the eyes of passersby.

Practice cautious vehicle parking: Be smart about where you park your vehicle. If you are retiring for the night, park your car in the garage with the doors closed. If a private garage is not available, park your vehicle on a well-lit street with security guards and CCTV cameras.

Install safety features in your car: Security devices such as anti-theft devices, car alarms, Stolen Vehicle Recovery System (SVRS), steering lock devices and motion sensors with LED indicators and sirens can act as deterrents to car thieves. A car alarm can alert the owner to an ongoing theft attempt, giving you enough time to notify local law enforcement authorities. Install CCTV cameras in the parking area to deter thieves from attempting theft.

You can also find the peak season for car theft in your neighborhood and organize monitoring committees.

Useful Tip: To get the best motor insurance policy for your vehicle, it is necessary to: Compare different insurance policies online Among the top insurance providers in the country. To get the best deal, take the time to do some online research. The same applies to personal loans, car loans and other insurance policies. Visit a trusted third-party comparison website to compare the features and benefits of different loan offers from lenders and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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