To bring back Mukhtar Ansari in jail, 50 UP Police in Punjab said- go back to India

To bring back Mukhtar Ansari in jail, 50 UP Police in Punjab said- go back to India

Senior police officials here on Tuesday said that the plan to send 60-year-old Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA Mukhtar Ansari to a jail in Punjab for trial in pending criminal cases in Uttar Pradesh once again failed.

MLA from Mau has been in Ropar Jail of Punjab for almost 22 months.

A senior police officer, privately for Vikas, said Ropar jail officials, where Ansari is currently locked up, refused to send him to Uttar Pradesh on Monday, taking advice from a board of three doctors “for three months. Desperately for bed rest “for him [Ansari‚Äôs] medical condition.”

The official said that several attempts have been made in the last one year to bring Ansari back to the state but each time it failed due to one or the other reasons.

He said that a UP police team was sent to Ropar jail to bring Ansari back to present him in MP / MLA court in Prayagraj on 21 October in the criminal case registered against him in January. But they had to return without him.

In addition, more than a dozen criminal cases were filed against Ansari, his family members and associates, during the recent crackdown initiated against the MafiaOC in the state, the official said.

Another officer of the DGP headquarters said that the entire proceedings to bring back Ansari were monitored by the headquarters, after which a team of 50 police personnel was formed. He said the team visited Ropar jail but was informed of his return without Ansari. He said that the Punjab jail authorities said that Ansari was duly examined by the board of doctors and found unfit for the visit.

The official said that Ansari has been in the Punjab jail since January 2019, when he was produced in a local court on a complaint of extortion lodged by a local builder. He said Ansari had allegedly shifted himself to the Punjab jail as Munna Bajrangi, a close aide of his, was shot dead on 9 July 2018 by another gangster Sunil Rathi inside Baghpat jail.

Officials said that the role of some of the jail officers of UP was questioned earlier when the Punjab Police was allowed to easily carry Ansari on production warrants without bringing to the attention of state government officials.


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