‘To make room for it’: Biden reveals why he asked Obama to wait for bin Laden’s raid

Joe Biden has revealed that he advised Barack Obama to wait for the order of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May 2011, which the president did not take.

“It had to be given space,” the president-elect told CNN for a documentary about the waiting president and vice presidents. Which will be broadcast on Saturday night With the participation of five surviving former VPs: Biden, Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Dan Coyle and Walter Mondell.

Biden’s advice on bin Laden’s raid has long been controversial. During this year’s election, in which Biden won a landslide victory over Donald Trump, Republican attack advertisements claimed that the former vice president had opposed the complete removal of the al-Qaeda leader.

Biden’s version of events Was movedHe advised Obama to wait, saying he had told him to leave. The long-awaited version of Obama’s events, and the raid, formally launched a 700-page memo from the former president’s office, published two weeks after last month’s election.

“Joe weighed in on the raid,” Obama wrote, adding that Biden and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates were concerned about the “huge consequences of the failure” and suggested that the president ” The decision should also be postponed until the intelligence community is convinced that bin Laden was in the compound.

Speaking to CNN, Biden echoed Obama.

“The president went around the room,” he said. “I think there were 17 people around this table: the National Security Adviser, the Foreign Secretary, the CIA, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense, and so on.

“Three people gave him the dictatorship. What do you think we should do? Everyone in the room was like, ‘You know, 60-40, 49-51, and so on. “Two said, go, and one said don’t go. And I’m the last one.”

Obama also wrote about the deal with Biden when he chose him as his partner in 2008: a highly experienced senator from Delaware, 19-year-old Obama’s senior and former Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Will be the last resort for their advice on all major decisions.

Biden told CNN, “I think there was one option left: you can spy on this site; a compound in Abbottabad – to determine if it was bin Laden.” Or not. , Because then, there was no belief.

“… And so I looked around the table, I said, ‘I don’t think we have a lot of these economists in the room. One hand, the other hand.’ I said, ‘Mr. “To make room for it, I said, ‘I think you should wait.’ And pass another one. ‘Knowing that if you make your way down, they might observe it and he may escape.

Echoing Obama’s remarks, Biden said he and the president had a private conversation after which he advised the president to follow his lead.

In the incident, Obama ordered a navy cell team to leave Afghanistan for Pakistan, where they shot and killed the group’s leader, al-Qaeda leader, behind the 9/11 attacks, and quickly buried him at sea. had gone.

“As I’ve proved true in every major decision I’ve made as president,” Obama writes, “I appreciate the willingness to keep my temper and ask tough questions in the current way. It was in my best interest to give me the space I needed for the interior.

Biden told CNN he risked his entire presidency by making the call.

“It takes real, real, real courage to make that decision,” he said. People may have said, ‘I told him to go.’

“I was trying to make room for it. But at the end of the day, Harry Truman’s old phrase: ‘The deer stops here?'” It stopped here. Throughout the presidency, this man has shown courage and determination.

“He would follow bin Laden to the gates of hell.”


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