To redesign Hitler’s birthplace as Austrian police station

To redesign Hitler’s birthplace as Austrian police station

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VIENNA: Austrian authorities have presented the winning plan to redesign the house Adolf Hitler Was born in 1889, converted it into a police station and tried to make it unattractive as a pilgrimage site for the glorified people. Nazi dictator.
A design by Austrian Architect MarteOfficials beat 11 contestants in an Interior Ministry tender on Tuesday. The renovation is expected to be completed around the end of 2022 and will cost around EUR 5 million ($ 5.6 million).
The overhaul lasts a year-long view of home ownership and future use at the Brunau am Inn, on the German border, which was resolved in 2017 when the Austrian supreme court ruled that the government should be given its rights. The owner of the building refused to sell it.
One suggestion could be demolished, and the government announced in November that the police would use the building. It will form regional command and a police station.
“Some people may ask – is this the right use for this, put the police there? It is the most appropriate use,” Energy Minister Karl Nehmer Said on Tuesday.
“Why? Police are the custodians of basic freedom and freedom. In training, police officers see themselves as citizens and partners and as defenders of freedom, the right to assembly and the freedom to speak.”
The winning design takes a simple, modern approach but does not tamper with the substance of the original building.
The relatively modest three-tier building was rented by the Austrian Ministry of Interior since 1972 to prevent its misuse, and was suitable for various charitable organizations. It stood vacant in 2011 after a care center for adults with disabilities.


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