Top Five: Most catches by a fielder in the IPL. Cricket news

Top Five: Most catches by a fielder in the IPL. Cricket news

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NEW DELHI: Fielding standards in cricket have gone to a completely different level in the last decade. Gone are the days when there were only one or two ‘great’ fielders in world cricket. Players from countries and teams, more than ever, are capable of pulling supernatural efforts on the cricket field.
Gaining more and more popularity in T20 cricket and the game is becoming increasingly inclined towards batsmen, fielding has become a very important part of the format and the current crop of players have kept themselves physically fit. Have put a lot of effort and focused on this aspect. The game, which is generally controlled by the other two – batting and bowling.
From acrobatic efforts in the out-field to converting half of the opportunities in-field to in-field, these days fielders are always on their toes. Not having a good fielder is no longer an option. Over the years, there have been some great fielding and catching attempts in the IPL as well. The phrase ‘catch win match’ is probably more relevant now than ever. monitors the fielders who have caught the most catches in the IPL. This list does not include any catches taken during wicket keeping.
Suresh Raina (102 catches)

One of the best fielders in India ever produced and rated among the top fielders in the IPL, Suresh Raina is just getting better with age. The 33-year-old is a natural athlete and has emerged as one of the best in the business in the last few years, especially in the shortest format, showing some temperamental skills on the field for his franchise. Chennai Super Kings And the Gujarat Lions. One of the safest hands on the cricket circuit, Raina has taken 102 catches in 193 matches in the last 12 editions of the tournament — the highest of all IPL players and sits right atop the pile. From guarding the fence to being a live wire on the field, Raina has taken some incredible catches over the years, some of which are in the deciding time of the match. Raina has so far taken a maximum of three catches in a match in his IPL career. His top-level fielding skills, very effective power hitting and overall batting skills, combined with intelligent part-time bowling skills make Raina one of the most valuable players in the IPL. In fact, Raina is second in the list of players who have scored the most runs in IPL with 5368 runs.
AB de Villiers (84 catches)

From blowing a one-handed stunner at the boundary-line to anticipating and posing for a ball inside the circle, AB de Villiers has shown that he is not only an incredible batsman, but also a very good fielder. Due to his incredible fitness level and natural athleticism, the world has seen the most memorable catch de Villiers in the IPL. With his super-human skills, the South African has taken some complete blinds and tilted the balance of the match towards his team with his talent on the field. With a total of 84 catches in 154 matches for Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore, de Villiers is second in the players’ list with the most catches. Carrying on the legacy of his countryman Jonty Rhodes, de Villiers has been a fielding idol for the emerging cricketers of modern times. Like Raina, de Villiers also took a maximum of 3 catches in an IPL match. AB, with his incredible fielding and catching abilities, is one of the players over the years who has shown the world how important fielding is in cricket.

Rohit Sharma (83 catches)

The word Roh Lazy ‘elegance is often used for Rohit Sharma when he has a bat in his hand. But Rohit Sharma is anything but lazy as a fielder on the field. They may not be counted among the best fielders in the world, but they have a very safe pair. Mumbai Indians The captain, besides being the third highest run-scorer in IPL history so far, has also displayed superb catching skills. Over the years, Rohit has become a fast catcher with superb performance skills. From fielding to slip to guarding the fence, batsmen think twice before going to Hawaii to catch Rohit’s catch as he has time and flashes again that he has the ability to make a catch out. With 83 catches from 188 matches for the franchisees (Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians), Rohit is third in the list of most catches in the IPL. Proving that age is just a number, the 33-year-old is now working very hard at capturing his fielding and skills and getting better than ever in that important aspect of modern day cricket.
Kirron Pollard (82 catches)

Mumbai Indians legend Kieron Pollard may have faced his bad days with the bat and ball from time to time, but the Trinidadian has for years ensured that he is almost always in his game when it comes to fielding Stay on top. Pollard has been one of the most influential catchers in IPL history, from stopping the invincible, to pulling one-handed screamer on the boundary rope. Equally good with both hands, Pollard has revealed sensations while fielding on numerous occasions and, despite being 6-feet 4-inches tall and weighing nearly 100 kilograms, inside the 30-yard circle and on the fence put some absolute blinds. With 82 catches in 10 seasons (2010-2019) in 148 matches, Pollard is giving his Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma a run for his money in the fielding department. Some of the efforts Pollard showed are going to be difficult to replicate for even the best fielders in the world. A prolific power-hitter and very effective part time bowler, Pollard, with his all-rounder abilities, has been an integral part of the Mumbai Indians setup.
Dwayne Bravo (74 catches)

Entertainer on and off the field, Dwayne Bravo has left some breathtaking catches throughout his cricket career. And even in the IPL, Trinidadian has eased some of the most difficult catches. A born athlete, Bravo has been seen flying to a place to catch the ball for several moments. He may be 36 years old, but has shown no signs of aging while on the field. From taking a stunner with one hand to pulling a relay catch to perfection, Bravo at times single-handedly turned the game in favor of his team with a great performance on the field. With 74 catches in 134 matches, Bravo ranks fifth on the list of players with the most catches. A very effective hard-hitting batsman commanding the order, Bravo is a more complete player – a smart and efficient bowler and a very safe fielder who can single-handedly win the match for his team.


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