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Top Pentagon tests positive for official coronavirus

Washington: A Pentagon official set up in a top policy job last week has tested positive for COVID-19, the Pentagon said on Thursday, days after meeting with the Lithuanian defense minister who contracted the virus. The Pentagon’s chief spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, said Anthony Tata, who is serving as the Under Secretary of Defense, was tested on Thursday after learning that Defense Minister Rayamundas Karobalis had tested positive.
Tata and other senior defense leaders, including Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and Secretary of the Army, Navy and Air Force, all met with Carolis last Friday or Monday.
Hoffman said the department is conducting contact tracing and rapid testing for those in contact with the delegation. Miller and other senior staff and a media team traveled with soldiers and leaders to Fort Carroll, North Carolina on Wednesday and then the USS Gerald R., the aircraft carrier off the coast of Virginia. Flew for ford. The video of the voyage showed Miller shaking hands and hugging people at Fort Bragg, and he met with the sailors on the ship.
Tata is the latest top member of the Trump administration to be infected. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tested positive after attending an election night party at the White House. Others in the party also tested positive, including White House political director Brian Jack, former White House aide Baumgardner and Trump campaign advisors David Bossy and Corey Lewandowski.
Lewandowski said he believed he contracted the virus in Philadelphia, while assisting in the presidential election challenge.
Trump was treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in October when he contracted the virus. Others in Trump’s class who have tested positive include his wife, Melania, his son Barone, press secretary Kayle McKenney and advisors Stephen Miller and Hope Hicks.
The Pentagon also had an outbreak last month when Coast Guard Vice President Commander Charles W. Ray found that he had tested positive after a meeting at the Pentagon with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps later also tested positive, and all the chiefs were forced to move out of the house for at least 10 days.
Hoffman said in a statement that the department recently recommended “rapid adherence to CDC guidelines regarding mitigation measures – face coverings, social disturbances, contact tracing, hand washing and virtual busyness among others.”
Hoffmann said Miller and the Secretary of Service “are not based on the testing and mitigation measures that were taken during the Lithuanian delegation’s visit and the CDC guidelines.” A former Fox News commentator and retired one-star general, Tata was moved to the top policy job just months after failing to get through Senate confirmation due to objectionable comments made about Islam.
He is performing the duties of the underscritary of defense for policy. James Anderson, who was working understructures, resigned last week, soon after President Donald Trump fired Secretary of Defense Mark Oklo and named Miller the acting Pentagon chief.


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