Tottenham loses over $ 85M, debt rises due to epidemic – football

Tottenham loses over $ 85M, debt rises due to epidemic – football

Premier League leader Tottenham has reported an annual loss of £ 63.9 million ($ 85.4 million) due to the coronovirus epidemic and fans being out of the stadium.

“We are in the midst of one of the most experienced times at the moment,” Tottenham president Daniel Levy said Monday, announcing the fiscal year ended June 30.

In 2018–19, Tottenham made a profit of £ 68.6 million ($ 91.7 million) during its first partial season at its new 1.2 billion pound ($ 1.6 billion) stadium. Fans have not been allowed to watch Jose Mourinho at the North London venue since March.

If coronovirus restrictions prevent supporters returning this season, which runs through May, Tottenham fear losing more than 150 million pounds ($ 200 million) in revenue. The elite and attractive clubs of Europe failed to qualify for this season after four years in the 2019 Champions League final.

Revenue declined from £ 460.7 million ($ 615.6 million) to £ 402.4 million ($ 537.7 million) in 2019-20, as the season ended before the end of the financial year due to the epidemic. Tottenham’s debt increased 13% to £ 604.6 million ($ 807.8 million).

Tottenham is hoping that the development of the COVID-19 vaccine will accelerate the return of fans to the stadiums.

“We’ve spent the last months preparing our stadium, testing our digital ticketing process, and registering ID verification for fans,” Levy said.

“Premier League clubs are fully capable, similar to experience in many other countries, responsibly delivering outdoor events with social disturbances, exemplary hygiene standards, qualified stewards, testing capabilities and diverse travel plans, some technologically advanced In operations in locations. World, ”he said.

Tottenham have completed a weekend top of the league for the first time since 2014 after defeating Manchester City 2–0 on Saturday.


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