Tour de France in Denmark begins in 2022 More sports news

Tour de France in Denmark begins in 2022 More sports news

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Copenhagen: Denmark staged Tour de FranceThe beginning of, is known as’Grand department‘, Has been pushed back a year to 2022, Danish organizers said in a statement on Monday.
There is an agreement with the Danish organization accused of planning the start of the Tour de France French tour organizers, Amauri Sports Organization (ASO), to postpone hosting the first three days of the tour, it said.
The start of next year’s Tour de France resumed last week with Tokyo taking six days ahead to avoid a confrontation with the men’s road race at the Tokyo Olympics.
However, the new June 26 date of the 2021 Tour created a clash for Denmark with the European Championship of Football, which is being held in cities across Europe, including Copenhagen.
The Danish Commencement Tour will now be held from July 1-3, 2022, Danish organizers said.
“I am delighted that we were able to start the Danish trip in 2022,” Frank Jensen, the mayor of Copenhagen and president of the Grand Department Copenhagen Denmark, said in a statement.
“We are many who are waiting for the Tour de France to visit Denmark next year and now we will have to wait a little bit unfortunately,” Jensen said.
It was not immediately clear where the next year’s Tour de France would begin.


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