Turkish actor Selal is donating blood to thalassemic children in Karachi

Turkish actor Selal is donating blood to thalassemic children in Karachi

Staff talking to Cell AL children during a cake-cutting ceremony by the Sana Foundation on January 10, 2021 in Karachi by the Umair Sana Foundation. – Photo provided by the author

KARACHI: Airtelgirl’s famous Turkish actor Silal Al visited the Umair Sana Foundation (OSF) and Children’s Hospital Karachi on Sunday and donated blood for children suffering from thalassemia.

“I am donating my blood for Pakistani children with thalassemia. This will not only strengthen relations between Turkey and Pakistan, but also encourage others to donate blood for those who need it to live a normal life. He said this on the occasion of his visit at the invitation of the management of both the health facilities.

Accompanied by the producer of the epic serial, the Turkish actor recited the Holy Quran, chanted slogans which he chanted in the drama serial and also chanted “Jivi Jivi Pakistan”, “Long live Pakistan-Turkey friendship” and vowed to come. What Pakistan again.

Derless Production Team: Airtaglool to visit Umair Sana Foundation and Children’s Hospital Karachi, its founders, Dr. Kashif Ansari, a US-based specialist, and Dr. Saqib Ansari, a pediatric hematologist working to eradicate thalassemia. Was invited to Other blood disorders in Pakistan.

Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman and dozens of actors and actresses of ArtGroll were also present on the occasion.

Distinguished BMT Surgeon and General Secretary OSF Dr. Saqib Ansari said that he was happy that Sailal Al and other members of the team of Airgirl Serial visited the hospitals and donated blood.

“Turkish blood is being donated for Pakistani children. This will further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Turkish actor Silal El (C) on January 10, 2021, while donating blood for thalassemic children. – Photos courtesy of Facebook

Experience in Pakistan

Speaking on the occasion, Silal Al said that he was happy to visit Pakistan, especially the two amazing health facilities where children with genetic hemorrhage are treated free of cost and children with thalassemia are treated. I have offered my full support. Other blood disorders

Speaking with the help of a spokesman, Selal Al said that Turks and Pakistanis are brothers but they do not expect such love and affection from its people in Turkey and Pakistan.

He wished to continue his visit to Pakistan whenever possible. He said that the mutual cooperation between the two countries and peoples should increase with each passing day.

In response to a question, he said that he likes Pakistani food especially biryani and lamb which he ate in Islamabad and also wants to taste biryani in Karachi.

New joint ventures

Kamil Tekdin, producer of Ertgloul and other popular Turkish dramas, said Pakistan was working on two joint projects based on the lives of “Abdul Rahman Peshawari” and “Babu Shah”. He said that these plays would be produced in both Urdu and Turkish languages ​​and would also be dubbed in English.

Dr. Kashif Ansari, a Pakistani expert based in the United States, who invited the Turkish team to visit Pakistan, said that he wanted to increase cooperation between Turkey and Pakistan in the field of media and entertainment industry.

In the days to come, Ansari said, “instead of idealizing Indian actors and movie stars, Pakistani children will create the ideology of Pakistani and Turkish stars and heroes in Muslim history.”

We are working to produce a serial on the poetry and message of Allama Iqbal and Abdul Rehman Peshawari. Abdul Rahman Peshawari was a Muslim from the subcontinent who went to Turkey, fought with the Turkish brothers and also served as Turkey’s ambassador to Afghanistan. He was martyred there and is now considered a hero in Turkey.


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