Tweet previews not visible in WhatsApp of some users

Tweet previews not visible in WhatsApp of some users

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A technical glitch in Twitter’s API is causing this problem according to WhatsApp.

some WhatsApp Users have complained about a problem when they try to send TweetsThe preview is not visible. According to a report by Digital Trends, tweet previews are no longer visible in WhatsApp. The report states that Facebook, Which owns WhatsApp, has alleged a technical glitch in it TwitterAPI.
“The links that people send to WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption. We rely on Twitter’s API to display a preview of the tweets of the people that people want to send. It appears that there is currently a technical issue with the preview feature, and we are hoping that Twitter will be able to restore it as soon as possible, ”a WhatsApp spokesperson told Digital Trends.
Some WhatsApp users stated the issue on Twitter with screenshots. The microblogging platform has so far not commented on the matter.
Twitter and Facebook appear on various sides of a recent controversy. us President Donald Trump A controversial tweet was posted after the riots broke out in the country. Twitter marked the post under its new guidelines and said it glorified the violence. On the other hand, Facebook has not removed the post and made it clear that it will not prevent politicians from broadcasting their views.
Monica Bickert, Facebook’s vice president of global policy management, wrote a post on the workplace, explaining the company’s stance on many things, including Trump’s post. “We do not believe that a private technology company like Facebook should be in the business of telling politicians in the context of political debate. As with the President’s tweet, the speech of candidates and elected officials is heavily scrutinized and debated. We feel that people should be allowed to listen to what politicians say, make up their minds and keep politicians in mind. ”
According to the Digital Trends report, WhatsApp denied that the problem was deliberate in view of the unrest in the US. WhatsApp told Digital Trends, “WhatsApp has completely misconstrued any suggestion that limits people’s share.”


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