Twitter changes display picture to support Black Lives Matter ‘campaign

Twitter changes display picture to support Black Lives Matter ‘campaign

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Twitter has changed its display and cover photos and has also introduced an emoji to support displayBlack Lives Matter‘Campaign. The official Twitter account now shows the Twitter bird in black while the cover photo is just a black band. Also, a new emoji comes on tweeting with #BlackLivesMatter.
Twitter has also been vocal about the mental health issues facing the black community and offering self-care tips. “The emotional toll of being involved in current events and fighting for justice, especially for the black community, can be staggering. If you need help, here is a collection of resources and advice designed to support your mental health, ”Twitter said.
Earlier on May 29, Twitter retweeted a post from Twitter Together stating, “Casteism does not follow social distinctions. Amid the already growing fear and uncertainty surrounding the epidemic, this week has again attracted some more attention: the long-standing racism and injustice faced by black and brown people on a daily basis. ”
Meanwhile, Twitter recently extended its support for the KeepItOn ‘campaign by dedicating an emoji to raise awareness among users about Internet blackouts being used as a tool to suppress dissatisfaction. The “# Keep It On” online movement is supported by more than 200 organizations in 75 countries. The campaign is supported by research centers, rights and local advocacy groups, network detection and media organizations fighting against the Internet shutdown.


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