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Twitter fined for breaking EU data privacy law

Twitter Inc. was fined 450,000 euros ($ 547,000) by its leading EU data protection watchdog for failing to give timely warnings about a breech that threatened the privacy of Android phone users across the block Was.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said in a statement on Tuesday that Twitter violated the EU’s data protection rules in notifying the breach within the required 72 hours. Twitter was also fined for “failure to adequately document the violation”.

The Irish Sentinel stated that administrative penalties had been imposed as “an effective, proportionate and dismal measure”.

The US social-media giant had last year warned the Irish authority of possible inefficient privacy settings that put some devices at risk on Google’s Android mobile operating system at risk. The Irish Authority’s investigation began in January 2019. Because it potentially affected users throughout the European Union, the regulator had to send the draft findings of its investigation to other authorities, dragging out a process that critics took too long.

Irish data-protection regulator cases have been surfacing since the block’s tough General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018. The slow pace has attracted criticism from privacy advocates and other EU regulators, with no power to decide matters related to broader matters. European breach by companies with an Irish EU base.

The GDPR allows regulators to impose fines as 4% of the company’s annual revenue for the most serious violations. The largest fine under the European Union’s data protection rules was a 50 million euro fine for Google issued by France’s watchdog CNIL.

The French authority last week slapped Google with a penalty of 100 million euros on how to manage cookies on its search engine, but made the decision based on separate rules regulating the use of cookies and other tracking devices. I went.

Ireland’s Privacy Commissioner Helen Dixon has conducted at least 20 investigations at large tech firms as the new EU privacy rules have come into effect, including Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. And Microsoft Corp. Includes LinkedIn.


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