Two CTD officers arrested in Islamabad after the death of a suspect

Two CTD officers arrested in Islamabad after the death of a suspect

Two Counter-Terrorism Department officers were arrested in Islamabad on Saturday after a murder suspect was killed in custody.

Relatives and acquaintances of the deceased staged a sit-in on IJP Road with the body of the accused, demanding an inquiry into his death and “justice”.

The sit-in disrupted traffic. The demand was canceled in the evening after talks with Additional Deputy Commissioner General of Islamabad Rana Waqas, who promised a judicial inquiry within three months.

The accused was arrested a few days ago on suspicion of involvement in the deaths of two policemen in the G13 area of ​​the capital.

The accused’s mother said Geo News That his son had happily surrendered to the police for questioning and regretted that he had faced this fate. “If he was involved in any way, why should this be done to him? Why not send the matter to a judge?” He asked.

He vowed to continue his protest until further notice.

Other protesters, some of whom were neighbors of the suspects, accused police of torturing and killing him.

“There are signs of torture on the body,” he said. He added that he had been “died of fever” and that his body had been handed over.

He demanded that the Prime Minister and senior government officials take notice of the matter.

ADCG Waqas, while talking to the protesters’ camp, described the incident as unfortunate and promised to take the matter to completion.

Later, police said that a case has been registered against the police personnel involved in the incident – CTD Station House Officer Fayyaz Ranjha and Inquiry Officer Shams Akbar – both of whom have been arrested.

According to a police statement, the suspect died due to inadequate medical treatment between extreme heat and fever.


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