UK craze announces bonus for returning workers to jobs

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London: Britain’s government will face an unemployment crisis by paying bonuses to employers to bring workers back to their jobs from the state’s coronovirus emergency furlough scheme, Finance Minister Sage Sanak said on Wednesday.
Sunak told parliament that under the plan, employers would be paid £ 1,000 ($ 1,256) each – workers who return to their jobs after the end of October – part of a broader program of measures .
“I want everyone in this House and the country to know that I will not consider unemployment to be an inevitable outcome,” Sanak said.
“We haven’t done everything yet to pull back the steps, and said,” The job is done. In fact, the job has just started. ”
The craze is already on state borrowing at two levels of World War One, as it subsidizes ninth jobs – the equivalent of more than a third of the private sector workforce – and supports the income of 2 million self-employed Does.
With 45,000 coronovirus-related deaths, Britain is more prone to pandemics than any other European country. For the worst sectors of the economy hit by a 25% decrease in March and April, recovery goes a long way.
Sunak, a 40-year-old former Goldman Sachs analyst who became finance minister in February, has garnered platitudes to put his Conservative Party’s pro-market tendency to put the state at the center of Britain’s COIDID-19 response.
Sunak said in his speech on Wednesday, “We entered this crisis unaffected by dogma and we continue this spirit, which is always right to do.”
The fad’s plan also includes a £ 2 billion ($ 2.5 billion) fund for unemployed 16-24 year olds to work at a six-month work place and the largest among partially government-funded apprentices developed.
Craze said it would spend another 3 billion pounds to improve the energy efficiency of homes and public buildings, supporting more than 100,000 jobs.
He raised a threshold for a tax on property purchases of £ 500,000, four times the current level, with immediate effect until 31 March to help the housing market and the wider economy breathe life.


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