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UK scientists investigate proliferation of new coronovirus variants in children – Health

Scientists in the UK are investigating the effect of a new mutant version of the coronovirus named VUI-2020 12/01 on children and whether its rapid transmission in parts of England is reduced to smaller segments of the population.

The government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threatus Advisory Group (Nervtag) is monitoring data to analyze this arc of variants, which has led 40 countries from India and the UK to try and join the UK. Travel can be suspended from. More infectious mutations. The first coronovirus strain found it harder to infect children than adults, with an explanation that children have fewer doors called the ACE2 receptor that the virus uses to enter human body cells.

Professor Wendy Barclay of Nervtag and Imperial College London said that mutations to the virus make it easier to break those frames.

“So children are equally susceptible to this virus as adults, perhaps, and so given their mixing patterns, you would expect more children to be infected,” she explained.

Experts believe that the new version is not a major threat to children’s health and that the scientist behind the world’s first approved vaccine against Kovid-19 has said that Pfizer / BioNotech jabs will work against stress, although further The investigation is on.

“The vaccine works as our vaccine … it’s relatively high probability,” said Ugur Sahin, German co-developer of the vaccine BioNotech.

Speaking on ‘BLOOD TV’ in Germany, Sahin said that his company would investigate the mutations in the coming days and he looked into the matter “with great humility”.

His message of some faith comes as Britain reached the half-million milestone for vaccination of jabs distributed to the country’s elderly and most vulnerable.

“I can announce today that more than 500 million people in the UK have received their first dose,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at the 10 Downing Street briefing on Monday evening.

“I think there’s a reason for hope and trust,” he said.

It was detected by about 1,500 lorries at the borders as France closed Britain for fear of a rapidly spreading new version. Government ministers are working to remove the block, which has an option for a collective test of drivers to be able to reroute luggage and to bring truck drivers back home in time for Christmas.

Britain’s Home Secretary Praful Patel said “some sort of test is part of the Transport Secretary’s discussions with his counterpart in France right now.”

“It may be too early to get those tests up and running, but in terms of that description, this is something that will be discussed between both the Secretary of Transportation and his counterpart.”

In early reports of the new edition being confined to London and the southern parts of England, the government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Valence, has now confirmed that it is to be found “everywhere”. This would mean that a more nationwide stay-at-home lockdown could be on its way to adding millions already under the most stringent stringent and tier 4 levels of shutting down businesses and activity.

Scotland Yard issued a statement urging the public to comply with the measures, which attempt to prevent the rapid spread of the deadly virus by preventing various families from mixing.

“Our message is clear. Whoever thinks that the rules are there, it is wrong to be broken, ignored or not applied to them. The rules are that you should stay at home. This is for your safety, the safety of your family and friends, and the safety of your communities. Commander Alex Murray said the Metropolitan Police is the lead for Kovid.

Police forces across the UK have the authority to impose heavy fines for violations of the rules and arrests in even the most egregious cases.

As a warning, the UK recorded a total daily infection of 33,364 on Monday, with a Kovid-19 death rate of 67,616.

(This story is published from a wire agency feed without textual modifications.)

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