UN chief calls for end of ‘plague of racism’

UN chief calls for end of ‘plague of racism’

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File photo of UN chief Antonio Guterres

United Nations: Accepting Casteism The UN also has its major presence Antonio Guterres Has called for an end to the “plague” racial discrimination As he expressed shock at the “deadly act of police brutality” that killed an African-American George floyd And global protests broke out amid the Kovid-19 epidemic.
The UN Secretary-General made the remarks at the town hall meeting held last week. His statement was written to UN staff on Tuesday with a letter on racism Guterres.
“Now, if racism is something that exists everywhere, then racism exists within the United Nations as well … We have very strong policies regarding discrimination, harassment, abuse of authority … but we have within the organization Have not paid enough attention. Specific question During the meeting Guterres stated that racist bias and racist discrimination.
Guterres said there is a need to have an honest dialogue on racism within the United Nations, where inclusive dialogues are there but they are general in nature and not specific.
The UN chief said that he has drawn up an action plan for a one-year debate on racism within the United Nations that is open, free-flow and without any restrictions.
“The UN’s position on racism is clear: This crisis violates the UN Charter and debates our core values. Every day, in our work around the world, we do our best to promote inclusiveness, justice, dignity.” Try to do the part. Guterres said in the letter, “Combat racism in all its manifestations.”
He said the vandalism of Floyd’s murder has been widely traumatized, stating that apart from the Kovid-19 pandemic, the other urgent challenge is facing “a plague of racism that has led to police brutality killing Is given. In widespread opposition United States And, now, cities around the world. ”
“Now, racism is disgusting, evil, and should be rejected everywhere at any time, condemned in a clear way. Racism is a rejection of our common humanity, a central aspect against the Charter of the United Nations. So something Is what justifies the UN Charter is a fight against racism, ”he said.
Guterres said that for many civilizations and cultures worldwide, the values ​​of logic, tolerance, primacy of mutual respect are now dramatically under question.
“It’s nationalism, it’s irrationality, it’s populism, it’s xenophobia, it’s racism, white supremacism, it’s in various forms Neo-Nazism, Which are evident in our societies. And it is clear that at the center of these drives is irrationality, racism, and many other things have racist components. We are fighting a lot against anti-socialism and anti-Muslim hatred. And anti-socialism and anti-Muslim hatred, has a racist dimension. So racism is at the center of many other things that we deal with and fight for, ”he said.
Underlining that diversity is a prosperity, not a threat, Guterres said that the diversity that exists can only be successful when governments, local authorities, civil society, churches are heavily involved in social cohesion against discrimination and inequality Be invested
“So our values ​​are not only related to questions of racism as a violation of human rights, they are central to questions of inequality and discrimination. And these are important in the perspective of the work we do in relation to the 2030 agenda. Diversity. , “They said.
The UN chief said that if there is no social harmony or if different forms of discrimination exist, there will be complaints, which have a legitimate right to be expressed in societies. While demonstrations should be peaceful, police forces and others must exercise restraint.
On the issue of police brutality, Guterres said, “We have seen a murder, but there are many other forms of police brutality that we see around the world, expressing racism. Police forces need to be fully trained on human rights Is. Cruelty itself is an expression of the frustrations of police officers, as well as the lack of adequate psycho-social support for them. ”
On May 25, Floyd died after a white police officer was bruised on his neck gasping for breath in Minneapolis, triggering widespread protests against police brutality and racial injustice.
Guterres also claimed that there were no restrictions on UN personnel to express their solidarity with racist protests and demonstrations around the world. He said the recent guidance issued by the organization’s Office of Ethics and recent departments in no way implies that employees have to remain neutral or fair in their opposition to racism.
“Conversely, there is no restriction on the actions of individual citizenship or a peaceful civil relationship, provided that they are carried out in a purely private capacity; rather, the purpose of the guidance was to balance such activities with the best judgment of one such Activities can be balanced. ” As international civil servants and our official duties, ”he said.
Guterres said he has a record of taking pride in all forms of racism and discrimination from leading roles in the struggle against the United Nations Apartheid Dr. Welcome to Martin Luther King, Jr.


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