‘Under looting’: India beat cricket team by a landslide Cricket

When the Indians cheered on the historic victory of their cricket team at the Gabba Stadium in Brisbane, the famous cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar summed it up.

“Every season we find a new hero,” he said, referring to a non-competitive and experienced team that had little success for him, one of the best in Test cricket. One of the great victories. “Whenever we are targeted, we stand tall, tall, tall. We pushed the boundaries of faith to play reckless cricket, not recklessness.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, congratulated the team on their “excellent intentions, remarkable courage and determination” in retaining the NWFP-Gavaskar Trophy and defeating Australia at Gabba Fort for the first time in 33 years.

The celebrations in India were all sweet because the victory was so unexpected. After Australia won the first Test match, many Indians had little expectation, with India being bowled out for an insulting 36, the lowest ever.

Any return from this route would have to be on an epic scale, but the Australian team was in full force. In contrast, several bowlers were missing in the weak Indian team. Many players were playing Test matches for the first time. The team was surrounded by injuries.

According to sports journalist J. Pradeep Basu, the fact is that India won despite having nothing, not only for many players like Mohammad Siraj and Chattiswar Pujara, but also for Indian cricket itself, the “age of age”. Proved

He said that this has shown the depth of talent in Indian cricket. All the money spent on recruiting and training players from small towns is now being paid. We have shown that young undesirable players can excel

According to Basu’s comments, many authors quoted Siraj and Washington Sundar on “how the boy became a man” and how the boy struggled to play for India (his father was an auto rickshaw driver). Was controlled.

Former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar praised the team for giving India “a magical moment” and said: “They were not just ready to save the game. He wanted to go out and finish the tour with dignity. Young India has done it. Young India has shown the way. Young India is showing that they are not afraid.

Referring to the injury – several bruises on the head and a twisted finger – that came from Pujara, he said: “He put his body on the line for Indian cricket.”

The headlines – “India has achieved a great dominance over Australia”, “Lot Down Under” – were enthusiastic.

While many Indians saw their team’s victory as a simple result of a brilliant display of character and skill, others called it the poetic justice of Australian prosperity. Former cricketer Virender Sehwag tweeted, “Many Indian players are injured but the one who has been injured the most has been the Australian arrogance and pride.”

On the final day of the third Test in Sydney, Australian captain Tim Penn tossed the joke with Ravichandran Ashwin, a joke “I’ll see you in Gabba”, brutally satirized on Twitter. “Yes we did to Mr. Pane, yes we did!” Read a tweet. Ashwin’s wife Prithi, who had to watch her husband play despite her back pain, settled for it: “Wohoo ohahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”


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