United Nations: World can hit 1.5 degree warming threshold in 5 years

United Nations: World can hit 1.5 degree warming threshold in 5 years

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Geneva: The United Nations Meteorological Agency said on Thursday that in the coming five years, the average global temperature in the world could be seen above 1.5 ° C (2.7 Fahrenheit) above the industrial average.
The 1.5-C mark is the level at which countries have agreed to try to limit global warming. Scientists say that the average worldwide temperature is already at least 1 C, which is higher due to man-made gas emissions during the period 1850–1900.
The World Meteorological Organization said that there is a 20% probability that it will reach the 1.5 C level in at least one year between 2020 and 2024. The period is expected to see annual average temperatures that range from 0.91 C to 1.59 C pre-industrial. Average.
The forecast is rooted in an annual climate outlook, guided by the Meteorological Office of the United Kingdom.
WMO chief Petri Talas said the study faces “ enormous challenges ” in meeting 2015 targets. Paris Agreement. The agreement aims to keep global warming below 2 ° C (3.6 F), ideally not exceeding 1.5C.
The agency noted that the models used for forecasting do not consider the emission-reducing effect of planet-warming gases such as carbon dioxide.
“Industrial and economic downturns from COVID-19 are not an option for sustained and coordinated climate action,” said Talas.
“ Due to the very long lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere, this year the effect of emission reductions is not expected to decrease CO2 atmospheric concentrations that are increasing global temperatures, ” he said.


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