US authorities imposed restrictions on the suppression of minorities in Xinjiang; Beijing has vowed to retaliate

US authorities imposed restrictions on the suppression of minorities in Xinjiang; Beijing has vowed to retaliate

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Washington / Beijing: The US has imposed sanctions and visa restrictions on three senior Chinese officials, including the regional boss of the ruling Communist Party, for alleged human rights abuses, on members of other minority groups in the Uygar, ethnic Kazakhs and the rest of the Muslims. – Majority Xinjiang Province.
China is accused of large-scale sanctions, religious persecution and forced sterilization of Uygars and others in the resource-rich Northwestern province.
Officials feel that about one million people have been detained in education camps again in recent years for “vocational training” to counter radicalism and separatism in Xinjiang.
In a statement, three senior officials nominated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompio were: Communist Party Secretary of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Chen Quango, member of the powerful Politburo; Zheng Hailun, Party Secretary of Xinjiang Political and Legal Committee; And Wang Mingshan, party secretary of Xinjiang Public Security Bureau.
Chen is the highest-ranking Chinese official to fall under US sanctions. He was the architect of China’s harsh policies against minorities, and was previously in charge in Tibet.
Former security officer in Xinjiang, Huo Lijun is also on the list.
As a result of America’s move, he and his immediate family members are ineligible to enter the US. Now doing financial transactions with all of them is a crime in the US, and they will have their own US-based assets.
“The United States is taking action today against the horrific and systemic abuses in Xinjiang and calls on all nations that share our concerns about the CCP’s attacks on human rights and fundamental freedoms and condemns this behavior . ”
In a separate statement, Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin stated that the US is committed to making full use of its financial powers to violate human rights in Xinjiang and around the world.
“The United States will not stand as foolishly as the CCP’s efforts to contain and abolish forced labor, arbitrary mass captives and forcible control, and forcible control of Uygar, ethnic Kazakhs, and other minority groups in Xinjiang. Targeted human rights abuses. Their culture and Muslim faith, “Pompeo said.
The top US diplomat said that before promoting the CCP’s campaign of repression in Xinjiang, CCP officials in Xinjiang did a job in Xinjiang, using the same horrifying practices and policies, largely abusing Chen in Tibetan regions.
Reacting to the US move, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a media briefing in Beijing that the US decision had “serious interference in China’s internal affairs and a serious violation of the basic norms guiding international relations”. .
“Reacting to this erroneous move, China has decided to take a reciprocal measure on Xinjiang with abusive behavior with US individuals and institutions,” he said.
Asked when the restrictions would come into force, he said, “See you soon.”
This week marks the third time the US and China have slapped sanctions and visa restrictions.
China on Monday imposed a visa ban on American individuals with “arrogant conduct” in the form of US sanctions relating to Hong Kong, with sanctions against Chinese officials responsible for curbing independence in the city.
US action comes after China moved ahead with the implementation of its new national security law. Hogcog International condemnation of mass protests, protesting rising Chinese opposition, marginalizing the “one country two systems” formula governing Hong Kong.
On Wednesday, Beijing said it would retaliate US authorities to impose visa restrictions involving foreigners’ access to Tibet, along with visa restrictions on Americans with “arrogant conduct”.
In recent months, the Trump administration has stepped up its stand on China on all fronts, including clamping down on Chinese media entities, going after Chinese medicine and research cyberbright. Tension between the US and China with Washington accusing Beijing of last year is already due to the coronovirus epidemic.


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