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US Coast Guard: 2 killed, 10 missing after boat capsizes in Florida Keys

Key West, Florida: Two people have been killed and 10 others are missing after a boat traveling from Cuba capsized near the Florida Keys. Officials gave this information on Thursday.
According to the agency, regular patrols saw several people in the water, after which the US Coast Guard responded around 1 p.m. at a location several miles from Key West. Petty Officer Jose Hernandez said crews rescued eight people and pulled two bodies out of the water.
Hernandez said two Coast Guard cutters and several small boats continued to search the area Thursday evening in search of the missing passengers. There was no immediate sign of the boat capsizing.
The Coast Guard said in a statement that survivors reported that they left Puerto de Marial, Cuba, on Sunday and sank Wednesday evening. According to officials, the survivors were shifted to a Coast Guard vessel to receive food, water and medical aid.
“We will continue to search for the missing people throughout the night, and if any sailors see or hear anything, to provide assistance and contact the Coast Guard,” said Senior Chief Seth Haynes, Key West Command Center Supervisor.
Officials did not immediately say what type of boat the people were traveling in.


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