US Election 2020: Joe Biden left to report with some states on the verge of defeating Donald Trump – US presidential election

US Election 2020: Joe Biden left to report with some states on the verge of defeating Donald Trump – US presidential election

Joe Biden stood on the verge of a presidential bid from Donald Trump on Thursday, with a handful of states expecting Republicans to cast their votes, despite opening up a legal battle to stop counting in at least two states.

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According to the Associated Press, Biden used 264 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House, with Trump having 214.

Biden only needs to win an additional outstanding state, such as Nevada where he is leading, or Georgia, where his campaign believes that absentee votes will push him to the top.

The former vice-president said he hopes to prevail. He told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware, “I am not here to declare that we have won, but I am here to report that when the count is over, we will be confident that we will be the winner.” “

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His remarks came after a victory over Trump in Wisconsin on Wednesday afternoon, closing one of the president’s best avenues for re-election.

Trump created an uproar on Twitter about rising votes for Biden, and alleged anger among his most ardent supporters that the fraud kept him away from victory. His campaign said it is suing Pennsylvania and Michigan to block the number of votes that Biden is heading towards.

Trump declared a false victory in one of five states, Pennsylvania, yet to be called by the Associated Press (AP). The president was ahead of the state by 383,000 votes, but Pennsylvania officials said more than one million ballots were still to be counted.

To win the Electoral College vote, he must win all battlefields that have not yet been called.

Biden’s Wisconsin and Michigan victories reversed two of Trump’s upsets in 2016, when he defeated Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s campaign said it would call for a comeback in Wisconsin, where candidates were less than 1 percent.

The president tweeted throughout the day, doubting the count of mail-in ballots, which were overwhelmingly Democratic, in-person votes were counted after Election Day, which balked Republicans.

“Every time they count mail-in ballots they are very destructive in their percentage and power of destruction,” the president said on Twitter. There was another tweet about his magical way of disappearing in states run by Democratic governors.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Steyn insisted that the president was headed for election and that the campaign was preparing its lawyers to challenge the results in some states.

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Unresolved results due to an unusually large number of mail-in ballots due to coronoviruses, further exacerbating economic stress in the US and stress caused by virulent viruses.

Biden’s campaign manager Jane O’Malley Dillon said in a statement early Wednesday that Trump’s remarks were “outrageous, unprecedented and inaccurate” and “a naked attempt to snatch the democratic rights of American citizens.”

In Nevada, where Talling was barred until Thursday, Biden was gaining nearly 8,000 votes. In the nationwide popular vote, he is ahead by nearly 3 million.

There was some surprise among the states where the Associated Press announced the winners, with Republicans and Democratic states generally falling in line despite the expectation of many fluctuations.

Trump won Florida, an important award in the White House race that set off Biden’s hopes of an early knockout. The president also won Texas, which the Democrats hoped they could flip and would completely reopen the electoral map.

Trump won Ohio and Biden won Minnesota, stating that each candidate tried to take over from the other but has been politically unchanged since 2016.

Trump still holds small leads in North Carolina and Georgia, though each has outstanding votes. In 2016, Trump won in both states. But his leadership was falling short in Georgia on Wednesday evening.

Biden holds the Second Congress District of Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New York, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Delaware, District Columbia and New Hampshire, according to the won AP.

Trump won the other four electoral college votes in Nebraska, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Missouri

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Nebraska is one of only two states with Maine voting the winner of each congressional district to electoral college. Trump won two districts and Biden won one. Trump won the state overall, giving him two of Nebraska’s remaining electoral college votes.

Trump won the second congressional district in Maine, and Biden won the first, plus two of the state’s largest electoral votes.

Even if Democrats still claim the White House, a wave of support expected them to lose control from both chambers of Congress.

Democrats would still need to win three of the five unspecified Senate seats to leave the Senate with a 50-50 split, which would give the party control in the White House.

Biden appears to be in the lead thanks to Latino and African-American voters, similar to Clinton four years ago. And they narrowed Trump’s gap among white voters, voter surveys from the AP show.

Trump had a 12-point lead among white voters in Tuesday’s election. Four years ago a network exit poll showed him a 20 point advantage among those voters. Biden led 30 points among Latino voters, 82 points by black voters, and 12 points by women.


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