US Election 2020 Latest Update: Voter Trump, Joe Biden as voters decide who wins White House seat – World News

US Election 2020 Latest Update: Voter Trump, Joe Biden as voters decide who wins White House seat – World News

A spectacle of global importance is taking place in the United States and is being watched eagerly around the world. Americans have begun to queue to vote for the next president.

While Republican candidate and current dissident Donald Trump is seeking a return to office for a second term, his challenger and Democrat leader Joe Biden has campaigned aggressively to grab the White House for himself.

Nearly 100 million American voters have already cast votes – double the total since 2016. A further 60 million are likely to vote in person on Tuesday. On their final full day on the campaign trail, Trump and Biden broke rapidly over the mechanics of the vote, while the most fiercely contested battlegrounds went to Pennsylvania.

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Here are all the latest updates of the US election 2020:

19:13 pm:

Nation by nation watches election day in america

For countries around the planet, Donald Trump’s presidency in his first term is, it’s safe to say, an eccentric experience to watch. Now that Trump’s time in office is a inflection point with Tuesday’s US election, what is at stake if his presidency ends – or if it continues? How is Election Day observed, considered, evaluated by nation by nation?

Evening 19:01:

Election Day overshadowed by threats of legal challenges

Even before Election Day, the 2020 race was the most burning in memory. President Donald Trump is promising to come.

Candidates and parties with ties to Democratic and Republican administrations have listed prominent lawyers that litigation should take on a new urgency if a narrow margin in the battlefield becomes the difference between one and four years for the Trump or Joe Biden administration goes.

18:54 pm:

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris urges people to go out and vote.

18:48 PM:

Vote for a new day in America, which Biden tweets

At 18:34

Trump ‘army’ of poll watchers led by fraud claims

A veteran Republican operative who made his debut in politics helped convince a judge to throw out hundreds of mail-in ballots, volunteering for President Donald Trump’s campaign to oversee voting in Democratic-leaning areas on Tuesday Is organizing an “army”.


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