US Election 2020: What has happened in 4 days since 3 November – US presidential election

US Election 2020: What has happened in 4 days since 3 November – US presidential election

As Joe Biden heads to victory on Saturday, the last four days have been almost tiring for the United States and the world as everyone watches the US presidential election result. Still counting thousands of votes, it is the first since 2000 that the US President has been waiting a long time for the election result. As of now, Joe Biden has 264 electoral votes and President Trump has 214.

Here is everything that happened in the last four days:

1. There is no clear winner yet as most news organizations have not yet called the battleground. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is within walking distance of being the next president of the United States after winning in Michigan and Wisconsin. Biden has been able to bag the Midwest states that delivered the 2016 ruling for President Donald Trump.

2. Biden has been a pioneer in Pennsylvania, a state that went to Trump in 2016.

3. Biden is ahead in Arizona in the west and Georgia in the south.

4. But the Democratic Party has not failed Florida, Texas and Iowa.

5. The prediction before the elections was repeatedly reiterated that there would be a blue wave for Democrats but the election race is just as agile in 2016; Showing that President Trump still enjoys enormous popularity. Biden has not received a wide margin nationwide, for which many liberals were hoping.

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6. The Biden campaign has consistently focused on ensuring that all votes are counted because too many mail-ins depend on ballots while the Trump campaign is contesting various lawsuits to prevent counting of votes.

7. President Trump has been continuously tweeting about voter fraud but has not been able to prove it.

8. Protests have been organized by both sides which suggest that the next big challenge is to unify the country.

9. Twitter has actively tried to minimize misinformation coming from both sides as social media platforms tweeted by Trump claiming voter fraud, while calling any tweet as Biden ‘presidential-election’ Flags were buried.

10. Most news organizations call the battlegrounds, particularly Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, and can be a game-changer if Biden is able to wrestle in the state.

11. In India, in the ancestral village of Kamala Harris, people were there for her and Biden’s victory. Harris is Biden’s running mate.


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