US government sues Google: what is this antitrust case and how will it affect tech giants – world news

US government sues Google: what is this antitrust case and how will it affect tech giants – world news

The US government’s Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the Google-owned company of illegally misusing its dominance in Internet search and harming competitors and consumers. Here is everything you need to know about this lawsuit:

What is the attitude of the US government?

The government has accused Google of illegally preserving its dominant position in the market for search and search advertising through deals made with large companies such as Apple and other smartphone manufacturers, all of which Google defaulted on their devices Are in the form of engines. This makes Google prominent as the “monopoly gatekeeper for the Internet” in the search market described by the Department of Justice. In addition, digital advertising on Google is also under scanner including search, web display and video advertising. The lawsuit alleges that Google’s behavior in the digital advertising space is that of monopolistic, “exclusion” because it affects smaller competitors and inhibits innovation resulting in heavy dissatisfaction to consumers.

What is Google’s stand?

Google has consistently ensured that their services are useful to consumers and free to all. It has also emphasized that all the deals it deals with are legal and help companies.

Is it politically motivated?

While the question of having so much power over a single company is a policy concern raised repeatedly by senators like Barney Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the lawsuit has immediate implications as it recovers from the US 2020 presidential elections The week comes earlier. Attorney General William Burr is said to have moved quickly on the trial because taking on Big Tech veterans was one of Trump’s election promises.

Has this case ever happened?

A similar case against Microsoft occurred 22 years ago in 1998 as the company was accused of bundling all products around Windows. At the time of the Microsoft lawsuit, Google was only a startup and claimed that Microsoft’s practices were “anti-competitive”.

What will happen next?

The US government and Google can come to an agreement, but if it doesn’t, both go to court. The results of the case will take a few years, but the trial is the first significant step taken against Google.


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