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US: Kolam Artistry Joe Biden-Kamala Harris is part of the opening ceremony

Washington: Kollam, an Indian art form of geometric patterns as a gesture of welcome, was part of the virtual kick-off ceremony of the inauguration of US President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris here on Saturday.
Thousands of Kollams were made as a tribute to the first woman and first Indian-origin Vice President Harris.
“Kolam is a traditional art form of Tamil Nadu South India. Women draw it on the operated rice floor outside their home. These geometric patterns consisting of dots and lines symbolize welcome and positive energy to enter the home. Is reminded of. ” “Said Shanti Chandrasekhar, an award-winning multimedia and multi-disciplinary artist from Maryland.
The Presidential Inauguration Committee hosted a virtual event called “An Innovation Welcome Event Celebrating America’s Changemakers”.
The inaugural Kolam 2021 is part of the official Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) kick-off event.
In South India, where Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris has her roots, women draw kolams on the ground to invite health and prosperity to the homes where they are displayed, according to the inaugural Kollam 2021.
Hundreds of artists, citizens and students of all ages collaborated online from across the country to connect their local pieces with global strengths for the inauguration.
A Kollam is an Indian art form of geometric pattern, which is used as a sign of welcome.
Drawn out of houses, beautiful designs made of dots and lines provide a feeling of joy and peace to all who enter.
Traditionally hand crafted with rice flour, Kollam is inclusive and environmentally friendly. The dots on the kolam depict difficulties in life, and the lines drawn around the dots navigate our struggles and transform our lives into a beautiful mosaic work of art.


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