Uygar News: US report on religious freedom accuses China of intensifying Uygar repression World News

Uygar News: US report on religious freedom accuses China of intensifying Uygar repression World News

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In this file photo taken on May 31, 2019, two women are shown decorating a grave in the Uyghur cemetery…Read more

Washington DC: In an annual report on religious freedom released by the US State Department, China has been accused of religious repression on its minority groups, especially Uygars, Christians, Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists and Falun Gong practitioners in northwestern Xinjiang province.
In annual International religious freedom (IRF) report, a survey of the state of religious freedom worldwide, submitted to the US Congress, the State Department believes that in China, citizens have freedom of religious belief but state “religious practices common to religious practices” Limits protection to “. “And does not define” normal “.”
The report said that despite President Xi Jinping’s decree that all members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should “ignore Marxist atheists”, the “government” took control of religion and the activities and personal freedom of religious followers Continued to be banned, according to religious groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international media reports, as a threat to the interests of the state or the CCP.
It states that Beijing recognizes only five official religions – Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism. And only religious groups belonging to the five state-approved “patriotic religious associations” representing these religions are allowed to register with the government and officially hold worship services.
The US government estimated in the report that since April 2017, Beijing had arbitrarily created more than one million Uygars, ethnic Kazakhs, members of Hui and other Muslim groups, as well as Uyghur Christians exclusively in Xinjiang. Or detained in converted internship camps. They were forced to remain in detention for a long time without trial due to forced sterilization, sexual harassment, sexual harassment, forced sterilization and sexual exploitation, physical labor and mental abuse, due to their religion and race.
The State Department, citing a third document, said the “Karacax List,” originally leaked in November and later made public, offered evidence that the Chinese government initially commissioned four redactions of Karkan County, Hotan Enhanced or enhanced the internship of individuals on religious grounds in the centers. Province. Officials in Xinjiang banned mosques and forbidden youth from participating in religious activities, including fasting during Ramadan. According to human rights groups and international media, the authorities conducted extensive and aggressive protection and surveillance to gain information about the religious observance and practices of individuals. Satellite imagery and other sources indicated that the government destroyed mosques, cemeteries and other religious sites.
Since 1999, the report states, China has been designated as a “country-specific concern” (CPC) under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 to engage or tolerate particularly serious violations of religious freedom. has been done. On 18 December, the Secretary of State redesigned China as a CPC and identified the following approval with the designation: China of Crime Control and Detection Devices and Devices under the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1990 and 1991 Existing restrictions on exports to (Public Law 101-246), pursuant to section 402 (c) (5) of the Act.
The report comes after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on June 2 advancing international religious freedom, calling on the State Department and the US Agency for International Development to “plan a plan to prioritize international religious freedom.” To develop “and to present a budget of at least USD50. Million per fiscal year for programs that advance international religious freedom.


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