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Vaccine efforts have been stepped up in India as the number of cases of cod is high in India

There have been 152,879 new cases of Covid 19 in India as the country fights a second wave of infection by urging rapid vaccination, while some states have imposed stricter restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus Have considered

India has the highest average number of new infections per day in the world, one in every six infections reported globally every day. Cases reached record highs six times a day this week, according to Federal Ministry of Health data.

The Federal Ministry of Health reported 839 deaths on Sunday, bringing the death toll to a five-month high – as hospitals and cemeteries in some parts of the country struggled to cope. Is.

India has a population of over 13.35 million, the third highest in the world after Brazil and the United States alone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched a four-day “Vaccination Festival” to encourage most eligible Indians to shoot for Code 19.

“During this time, we have to move towards making maximum use of the country’s vaccination capacity,” Modi said in an open letter.

The country has delivered more than 100 million doses since mid-January, the second highest after the United States and China. But many Indian states have complained about the lack of immunizations, yet immunization is limited to only 400 million of India’s 1.35 billion people.

The second outbreak of the infection, which has spread faster than ever, peaking in September, has forced many states to impose fresh restrictions on activities. And it has the most cases in the country, saying it could impose additional measures beyond the lockdown over the weekend, which will end early Monday.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Adhu Thackeray on Saturday said, “In order to break the code transmission chain, it is necessary to impose strict restrictions for a certain period of time.”

Authorities have largely avoided crowds and masks responsible for the outbreak, even as large-scale election rallies and large religious gatherings have taken place in recent weeks.

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered on the banks of the Ganges for morning prayers during the Kumbh Mela in the northern city of Haridwar – where five million worshipers are expected on a particular day.

Authorities have made it mandatory for all people entering the area to undergo the Covid 19 test. But on Sunday, many devotees gathered in the crowd, without masks, on the riverbank.


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