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Vastu tips for buying a new house during covid-19

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For all those who were in the midst of making a deal to buy a house this year, they are facing huge issues due to coronovirus. The Kovid epidemic has also affected the sentiment of many home buyers and sellers. Due to the lockdown, developers have started showing their properties online through virtual tours. This is a completely new concept for Indians who always believe in the touch and feel aspect before making a high price purchase.

Apart from appropriate governmental approvals, if the Vastu of the house is in conformity, then you should also pay attention. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which gives insight into spatial structures and guides one in designing and large constructions of the house. There is a scientific explanation of the guidelines of Vastu Shastra and if followed, it will attract positive attraction and happiness in your home.

According to Vastu Shastra, in a building with four flats (more or less) per floor, we would get an apartment 60% positive; Two will be around 35% to 40% positive and the other about 20%. Now in one place, with same cost and same area and facilities / facilities, under the guidance of Vastu Shastra specialist a smart buyer can get the best out of all available options. Here Vastu expert Dr. Raviraj Ahirarao has some guiding steps that you can follow when making a deal.

1) Choose the minimum three options for your dream home. It is best to get a Vastu expert on the board to evaluate all aspects of the house and then select the best based on their suggestion.

2) Always prioritize the main entrance to the north, north-east or east.

3) Consider having a lot of open space and opening in the north to east area

4) Having sun rays in your morning is very important in your vastu but you should avoid setting sun rays.

5) The kitchen should be in the south-east, the master bed room in the south-west, the children’s bed room in the north-west – these are some of the most important factors that must be seriously followed.

6) One of the most important factors is the residence of God or your prayer corner which every buyer should strictly follow or which should be in the north to east area.

7) It is very risky to rely on the instructions given on the prospectus of a floor plan or real estate project as we have experienced errors in 98% of the cases assessed in the last 21 years.

8) According to Vastu Shastra every base should be square or rectangular. It is very difficult to obtain such a campus in India, but we should avoid the premises with deduction.

9) Most developers claim that their projects conform to Vastu Shastra. But in most cases these claims are found to be false. To verify such claims, one should ask for the contact details of Vastu Consultant.

10) If buyers start urging for the house according to Vastushastra, the developers have to respect the customer demand. Fortunately, such projects have started coming.

11) According to 100% Vastu Shastra it is very difficult to get a foundation. But with the guidance of Vastu Shastra expert, you can apply powerful remedies and make your foundation positive by removing Vastu defects. These corrective measures are long-lasting, one-time investment and minimal cost.


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