VC has put its stamp on the free exchange of ideas at Vishwa Bharati University (VBUFA)

VC has put its stamp on the free exchange of ideas at Vishwa Bharati University (VBUFA)

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Kolkata: The Vishwa Bharati University Faculty Association (VBUFA) on Wednesday alleged that Vice Chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty had put a lid on Tagore’s learning seat for free exchange of ideas.

In a letter to Chakraborty, VBUFA alleged that the concept of ‘fearless mind’ does not exist in the Central University.

The letter by VBUFA comes a week after the scuffle and vandalism of the Vishudh Bharati estate, which was done in the wake of the decision by the university authorities to build a boundary wall along the Pausha Mela ground.

VBUFA, which is affiliated to the All India College Teachers’ Body AIFUCTO, said that the vice-chancellor has sent nine “missiles” (letters) in a span of about two months and alleged that VC’s preach in open letters and attitude towards the faculty . Do not match

Referring to a letter from Chakravarti, Tagore said, “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,” it said: “When you quote the poet and the stakeholders of Visva-Bharati to imitate his ethos You crush their authority. ” The freedom of expression and the sense of exchange of ideas …, leading to opposition and neglect of Tagore’s philosophy of life and education.

“During his life, Tagore has questioned and exposed all forms of totalitarianism and oppression through his words and deeds. We have given you the idea of ​​restoring equality in the exchange of ideas and thoughts, and especially Visva-Bharati. Urging to provide equality, ”VBUFA said in a letter sent to the VC on Wednesday.

It states that the metaphors of ‘fearless mind’ and ‘high-ranking heads’ do not seem quite appropriate to the current Visva-Bharati, where “fundamental disparity marks the relationship between the various stakeholders of the university.”

VBUFA stated, “While the Vice Chancellor had put the missiles in the public domain and they bear the authentic seal of the Vice Chancellor of Visva-Bharati, faculty members and other staff are not allowed to publicly broadcast their views on the rules of the Government of India. Citing, blanket restrictions on their freedom of expression. ”

Chakraborty’s personal views appear to be claiming “missiles”, rather than being an objective assessment of the status of the case, VBUFA stated, “We will make any attempt to resolve and incorporate the views of Visva-Bharati stakeholders I do not know. ” The entire process, which is a necessary condition for the educational rejuvenation of this great institution. ”

It alleged that Chakraborty had undermined the reputation of the Visva Bharati community by his open letters.

On Chakraborty’s repeated calls to Vishwabharati’s colleagues, students and other stakeholders to come forward on phone and restore the glory of the world-renowned institution, the letter stated: “We, however, fear that the tone and tenure of all missiles Create “statement is nothing less than perfect. ”

VBUFA also said that the previous Vice Chancellors also did not play their part in following the right path all these years and this contributed to the slide of Vishwa Bharati for years.


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