Virat Kohli delivering emotional message on Father’s Day Cricket news

Virat Kohli delivering emotional message on Father’s Day Cricket news

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NEW DELHI: Captain on the occasion of Father’s Day Virat Kohli Wrote an emotional message in memory of his late father on Sunday.
The Indian captain urged everyone to be grateful for the love of their parents, but also sought their way forward.
“This Father’s Day, I urge all of you to be grateful for your father’s love, but always seek your way forward in life. You will never have to look back because they are always watching you Whether they are ‘physically there or not. Happy Father’s Day, “Kohli tweeted.

Kohli’s father died in 2006 due to cardiac arrest.
Despite the tragedy, Kohli returned to the field to bat against Karnataka the next day Ranji Trophy Match.
Earlier, during an Instagram live chat with the football captain Sunil Chhetri, Kohli credited his father for showing him the right path.
“In Delhi, sometimes there are things that are not fair. There was an instance where some people did not play as per the rules when according to the criteria of selection. They told my father that I had the qualification to choose “A little extra (possibly a bribe) was required to confirm my selection,” Kohli told Chhetri during the session.
“My father, an honest middle-class mother who worked all his life to become a successful lawyer, didn’t even understand what a little extra meant. My father just said – if you choose Virat If you want, then leave it. ” Purely on merit. I will not give you anything extra, ”he said.
Kohli said that once he was not elected, it literally broke him, but still, that incident also shaped him mentally and emotionally.
“I didn’t get selected. I cried a lot. I was broke. But that incident taught me a lot. I realized that I had to be extraordinary to succeed and I had to achieve this purely by my effort and hard work. . ” “My father showed me the right way, through action and not just words,” Kohli said.


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