Visited GM Hotel Pearl Continental

Visited GM Hotel Pearl Continental

On Friday, General Manager Hotel Pearl Continental visited the COTHM New Garden Town Campus.

After discussing various topics with Mr. Ahmed Shafiq, Chief Association and CEO of Kotim International, CEO CollegeMr. Nadeem Riaz Chaudhry was particularly interested in watching the classes and talking to the students participating in the lectures.

“We are pleased to welcome GM and have the opportunity to demonstrate that this college is truly providing a truly high quality experience for our learners and making a positive impact on our societies and local economy.” Mr. Shafiq says that in higher education and skills-based learning, as a partner of leading international hotels, we employ our highly skilled students. Have been successful in providing opportunities.

Appreciating the art facility and its initiatives, GM said happily, “It was a pleasure to visit the College of Tourism and Hotel Management. The college plays a vital role in ensuring that learners in some of the most remote areas have access to quality advanced education and it is great to see the innovative learning methods that are being used to achieve this. ۔

“It was also particularly nice to hear the college learn more about ways to bridge the local employment gap with local schools and employers.” Be willing to help is the key to creating jobs and opportunities for our young people to learn related skills, and we are committed to encouraging this collaborative approach around the world. “

He praised the fact that the curriculum is industry-specific, identifies essential skills, meets international learning standards, and offers an internationally recognized certificate.


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