Vitamin D deficiency may increase Kovid-19 risk: study

Vitamin D deficiency may increase Kovid-19 risk: study

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JERUSALEM: In the fight against the deadly coronavirus, Israeli researchers have found that low levels of vitamin D in the blood are associated with an increased risk of Kovid-19 infection.
Vitamin D is a hormone that is produced in the skin during exposure to sunlight, and helps in regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, which is necessary to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Huh.
“, We wanted the associations of low-plasma vitamin D levels to be evaluated using real-world data with the possibility of coronovirus disease (Kovid-19) infection and hospitalization,” the study authors wrote.
For the current study, published in the journal FEBS, the research team examined data from 7,807 people who had recently undergone a Kovid-19 test as well as a vitamin D blood test.
Findings revealed that the identification of low levels of vitamin D in the blood was independently associated with the possibility of Kovid-19 infection.
According to the study, out of 7,807 individuals, 782 (10.1 percent) were Kovid-19 positive and 7,025 (89.9 percent) negative.
Researchers found that mean plasma vitamin D levels were significantly lower in those testing positive than negative for Kovid-19.
During The researchThe team also revealed that Kovid-19 positive participants were younger and more likely to be men.
“In the analysis, age over 50, male gender, and low-middle socioeconomic status were positively associated with risk of Kovid-19 infection, with the likelihood of hospitalization due to coronavirus over age 50 Was positively associated with, ”the authors wrote. .
“Univariate analysis demonstrated an association between low plasma levels and increased likelihood of Kovid-19 infection and hospitalization due to SARS-COV-2 virus,” he said.
In May, another study published in the journal BMJ, Nutrition, Prevention and Healing emphasized that there is currently insufficient scientific evidence to show vitamin D supplements that may be beneficial in preventing or treating Kovid-19.
Previous studies in this area have found that low vitamin D status is associated with acute respiratory tract infection, however, the limitations of the findings of these studies were identified.
Findings from the majority of studies were based on data collected from population groups in developing countries and extrapolation cannot be made to populations from more developed countries due to external factors.


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