Vladimir Putin: Russia’s President Putin has warned that Russia’s virus can spread. world News

Vladimir Putin: Russia’s President Putin has warned that Russia’s virus can spread. world News

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MOSCOW: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the country’s coronavirus outbreak had stabilized but warned that the situation remained difficult and could easily deteriorate.
Russia has recorded the fourth highest number of infections in the world and a total of 828,990 cases and 13,673 deaths were reported by the health authorities on Wednesday.
Authorities reduce virus restrictions ahead of a large military parade in June Moscow And a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms that could extend Putin’s rule.
“The number of coronovirus infections in Russia has gradually decreased in June and July,” Putin said during a video conference with officials, noting that the number of new cases at the summit had halved in May.
Yet Putin cautioned that, “the situation remains difficult – it can swing in any direction”.
The president called for rules to be followed in Russia to prevent the spread of the virus to avoid any need for “re-sanctions, especially large-scale sanctions”.
It was important that “kindergartens, colleges and organizations can operate safely, in a regular way the way people are accustomed”, he said.
Russia shut down businesses and implemented a strict lockdown in March, centered around Moscow, where about half of the cases were reported.
Health officials on Wednesday registered 5,475 new cases in the country.
During the peak of the epidemic in May, a government reported more than 11,000 new cases.
Only India, Brazil and the most affected country, the United States, have recorded a greater number of infections than Russia.


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