Volunteers rescue dozens of dolphins stranded on the beach

Volunteers rescue dozens of dolphins stranded on the beach

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WELLFLEET: About 50 dolphins were stranded on a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts over the weekend and needed to be rescued by dozens of volunteers, officials said.
The International Welfare for Animal Welfare said that some 45 dolphins were found stranded by port authorities in Welfet on Sunday morning.
Stacy Hedman, a manager at the Yarmouth-based group, said that by the time the organization’s marine mammal rescue and research team responded to the stretch on the beach locally as The Gut, many of the dolphins were already in the sun Scorched.
She reported that the Cape Cod Times showed that the dolphin remained trapped overnight for some time as the tide turned.
The headman told the newspaper that “ it was a sad sight to see him get out of the water, unable to swim.
He said the team of about 50 volunteers used stretchers drawn to the beach to carry about a dozen dolphins to safety. They also gave IV fluids and vitamins to marine mammals, and deployed boats to return them to deeper waters.
The two dolphins, however, were in poor health and eventually euthanasia, Hedman said.
The organization said the teams were on Monday looking for a dolphin not to be stranded on the Cape’s beaches again.


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