Want to see what shots Rohit Sharma plays against real speed: Michael Holding | Cricket news

Want to see what shots Rohit Sharma plays against real speed: Michael Holding | Cricket news

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Rohit Sharma (For photos)

NEW DELHI: Former West Indies fast bowler Michael holding It is difficult to believe that it is difficult for quality batsmen to play their natural shots against top quality fast bowling.
During an Instagram live session with Nikhil Naz, when asked how he bowled to the modern giants, he said Rohit Sharma And AB de Villiers He has a wide variety of shots in his arsenal, but it can be difficult to go up against some of the fast bowlers who have played the game.
“I think batsmen play their shots based on the pace of the bowlers. Those players and the shots you’re talking about, I would like to see them playing those shots against someone at real speed,” Holding said said.
“Dale Steyn For example or A Brett Lee Or a Shoaib Akhtar. If they can play the opposite shot at that speed then I start worrying about what I am going to do. With the speed with which I bowled, I am not worried about those shots.
Holding also talked about banning saliva International Cricket Council In view of the coronovirus epidemic (ICC). However, he also noted that the risk of the virus spreading through sweat is ‘highly unlikely’ and ‘there is no need to prohibit the practice.’
“Cricketers will take a little time to adjust. It’s a natural reaction … You’re on the field and you want to shine the ball, which you put your finger inside your mouth. They have to practice that they’re not We do.” Holding said.
“If you’re doing it honestly, it’s just saliva… if you’re sucking sweets, you have more than saliva.
He said, “You only need to get moisture on the ball. You can get it with your sweat. It will work like saliva. And I didn’t hear anyone say that COVID-19 can spread with sweat, ” They said. .
He also said that there was no reason not to Indian Premier League If there is no T20 World Cup in the October – November window.
Holding said, “I don’t think the ICC is delaying the T20 World Cup as they are making a place for the IPL. It is Australian government law where they are not allowing any visitors to come into the country.” . ”
“But if there is no T20 World Cup, then the BCCI has all the rights to go ahead and hold domestic tournaments because there is a place there. If they are encroaching in other people’s tournaments, you can be right . ”


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