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As preparations for the CPEC’s 10th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) meeting are in full swing, this year’s meeting will take place in an environment in which production and distribution systems around the world are affected by the Code-19 virus. What’s more, cooperation between regional partners and global markets is essential. In this changing scenario, the meeting will take place in a growing environment of harmony, friendship, mutual trust, and a desire to find new avenues of cooperation. But as we approach the date of the meeting, there will be a negative campaign by nayayers, such as the announcement of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by China in the last seven years and Pakistan’s CPE. C is a post-start style. The most famous and often repeated misrepresentation is all around himDebt trap“I am convinced that his life is over.

Under 9 completed projects and 13 ongoing projects, more than 70,000 direct jobs have already been created under CPEC and another 450,000 direct jobs can be created in the next 4 to 5 years which are basic Depending on the start of SEZ and Gwadar free trade. Zone. Despite COVID-19, the last JCC has made significant progress on projects under Gwadar, as the port operates for Afghan transit trade, with the first 200-ton fishing ship arriving on November 20. The 300 MW power plant at IA / PPA is in the final stages of this process, work is being started at Gwadar Airport and Vocational Center and the work of connecting this port to the coastal highway via East Bay Expressway is nearing completion. And more importantly, new investors entering the free zone create new local job opportunities. . Since the start of development work in Gwadar, its opponents have been critical of the development, such as the ML-1 project, where the enemy knows it is another game-changer for our travel and trade. Will change the style of .

Over the past two years, teams led by experts from both sides have worked hard on the technical details of the project, the results of which go beyond the box office solution. This includes discussing financing, adding new technology and expanding beyond Peshawar. The most interesting benefit will be to the engineering universities which will provide the required HR for this project. In addition to regional connectivity, improved tourism, transfer of knowledge and technology, it is bound to make major changes in the country’s plans to promote rural-urban cohesion, leading to a truly comprehensive development. The impact of such development initiatives will turn Pakistan into a better place for foreign investors. The ML-1 project will be another testament to the time-tested friendship between the two Iron Brothers, as demonstrated during the construction of KKH.

The challenge on the industrial cooperation front is to attract investment that brings export-led industry with new technology and supports a supportive alternative when economies are in response to an epidemic and investors are at risk. Are saved. For its part, Pakistan is working on market-friendly policies, such as being open to foreign direct investment, promoting business that promotes the protection of property rights, and promoting sustainable intellectual investment. to give. Rashakai, Dhabhiji and Faisalabad SEZs are ready for the commencement of development works, removal of barriers in the banking process, provision of utilities and development of regionally competitive incentive packages that promote growth and employment. They are under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. I’m sure “CPEC is a great opportunity for Pakistan. CPEC connects Pakistan with China which is a big market. Industrial development is likely to take place in two phases, as the initial phase is expected to be dominated by hard-working industries, followed by modern high-tech industries demanding that workers acquire high-tech skills. Have a collection

On the frontline of socio-economic development, both sides are keen to accelerate this progress as epidemics, including the recent natural disasters, have made us realize that in order to meet the challenges, we need to reshape partnerships. Where there is a need for harmony, it can be achieved through economic integration. In the coming years, there will be burning centers in major cities of Pakistan. Healthcare equipment, including ambulances, is also being provided through the Chinese grant and some state-of-the-art technology is being imparted in vocational training and HEC projects are also moving in the same direction by providing virtual training to students. Under the Agriculture JWG, the establishment of a Center of Excellence and FMD Free Zones in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cotton Research is being considered. Action plans are also being prepared in agriculture and oil and gas. Similarly, the newly established JWG for Science and Technology is hosting new initiatives to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

As a developing country in transition, Pakistan faces numerous challenges and opportunities in the process of industrialization. To become a path to prosperity, the CPEC will be challenged by a number of opponents who know that the move will not only connect Pakistan and China but will also create new jobs, reduce poverty and promote growth. Promote sustainable industry. Growth. All we have to do in response to this negative statement is to echo Mr. Xiao Lijian’s spokesman and DDG, Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China, who recently said that Any attempt to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will not succeed.

Mr. Hassan Dawood Butt Specializes in projects management and is a faculty member of the project management department at various institutions / universities. He has also served as a diplomat in China and Vietnam and is about to receive a commemorative medal from the Chinese Ministry of Defense. It can be reached [email protected]


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