‘We haven’t allowed his tail to wave’: coach Amre praised Rahane for his leadership skills – cricket

‘We haven’t allowed his tail to wave’: coach Amre praised Rahane for his leadership skills – cricket

Ajinkya Rahane has shown his mettle during the ongoing Test series against Australia. The Mumbai batsman proved why he is so high in the cricket fields as he hit a century on a tough Melbourne pitch. The century was extremely important as India needed someone to stay at the crease and take the Indian innings forward. Rahane took the lead from the front and hit 112 runs in the first innings while leading India to victory in the second innings.

Rahane was handed the captaincy after Virat Kohli left India. He guided India with his leadership on the field, playing the captain’s innings with his bat.

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Rahane’s meticulous planning and execution of his training sessions during the COVID-19 inspired break are helping him tremendously on his ongoing tour of Australia, believes his coach Praveen Amre. Dogged 112, which according to Head Coach Ravi Shastri was a turning point. The game became the cornerstone of India’s famous victory in the second Test in Melbourne.

Asked what message he gave to Rahane before the tour, Amre said that he had told fellow Mumbaikar just to keep things simple. “We don’t think of many visits at a time. We try to stay in that one tour, (one tour at a time) and try to give the best of that basically. And so did Ajinkya, ”Amre, himself a former India player, told PTI.

Amre, who scored a century in his debut Test in Durban, said Rahane should be given credit as he imagined what he was going to do in Australia.

“This year (2020) in particular we have to give credit to him (Rahane) because most of the time as coaches we plan sessions and practice, but this, especially in this difficult time at COVID, he did his own Planned the sessions, worked harder, basically harder than before, because he practiced two sessions instead of one. “But those things are… little things that he (worked on), he did Imagined that this was going to be my preparation for this difficult Australia. Amre, who has played 11 Tests and 37 ODIs, said that no success can come as we know that preparation is important.

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Rahane also received praise and praise for his captaincy in the second Test in the absence of Virat Kohli. Amre also praised him for leading the team. “That credit (of captaincy) is only for Ajinkya because as a coach we never work on things like captaincy, we mainly work on the batting side of the game. “When the opportunity came to lead, it’s all his credit. The situation was not easy to handle but the credit goes to him because of his calm nature. He is calm and composed and that’s why he as captain Be successful, ”he said.

“Small changes (he made), supporting the youth, getting Ashwin (Ravichandran) in the first hour and (Jasprit) using Bumrah brilliantly.

He said, “Because it is a Test match, we have not allowed his tail to wave and we have ensured that Bumrah and (other) fast bowlers were ready to bowl him and we have allowed him to pull the match anytime And instead never allowed them to gain a partnership. India equalized the series 1–1 after their humiliating defeat at the Pink Ball Test in Adelaide when the team was bowled out for 36, which they now Had the lowest test score.

Amre termed Rahane’s innings as very bad and said that this brought back the lost glory of the team after the Adelaide defeat.

“I personally rate (it) very high. Because it is sometimes like you play to stick in the team, it is like Team India’s existence in Australia, because we wanted to win the pride we lost in the first Test.

He said, ‘Winning and losing is the other thing, in cricket it is part of the game. But the way we played the second Test was very important, because this series is alive because of that second Test, that’s what we wanted as a cricket lover, cricket fan … “… we would have fought India there Wanted to be seen and we are extremely happy, not only (we fought), but produced the result where we beat Australia on Australian soil, ”said Amre.

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