Why you should meet each of your people as a heterogeneous COVID carrier

Why you should meet each of your people as a heterogeneous COVID carrier

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As India recorded the highest spike
Coronavirus Case (77,266) Yesterday, it should be enough to restore again that we are still in the thick of the epidemic. For three consecutive days, the country has recorded more than 1,000 deaths related to coronaviruses. Even with an estimated recovery rate of 76.28 percent, India still remains the third most hit country in the world by a coronovirus epidemic with a total count of 33,87,500 COVID-19 cases. These figures are a stark reminder that even after strict social reform measures and lockdown implementation, countries are still struggling to stop the spread of novel coronaviruses.

In the absence of a drug or vaccine to eradicate the highly infectious disease, society at large has the blame for slowing the spread of COVID-19. The first step of which is to understand that even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted, the epidemic is far from over. As SARS-CoV-2 is causing havoc around the world, we are undergoing the reason that it is extremely important that the person you meet treat you as an asymptomatic carrier of coronovirus infection.

What exactly do we mean by an asymptomatic COVID carrier

According to the World Health Organization, A.
The asymptomatic COVID carrier is a laboratory-confirmed case that becomes infected with COVID-19 but does not develop any symptoms of the disease. It should be noted that the novel coronavirus affects different people differently and most of them develop mild to moderate symptoms of the disease.

Recent studies have reported that asymptomatic people (who do not exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19) may be a reason behind the spread of the disease worldwide. According to a report published in The Print, more than 80 percent of coronovirus patients in India conduct internal analysis through the Symptomatic Coordinated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP). This shockingly high rate of asymptomatic COVID cases in India underscores the fact that epidemic patients can play a very large role in driving the epidemic.

However, there are more than 165 vaccine candidates at various stages of the trial, as there is no vaccine to prevent the coronary virus now. This is why it becomes all the more important to be aware of our daily work to help prevent the spread of highly contagious infections. We are listing three reasons that you cater to each person as a heterogeneous COVID carrier.

1.COVID is not going to magically disappear

Every day new data and reports come in about what percentage of the population has already acquired immunity against the virus by developing protective antibodies and how the mutation of the virus can make it more infectious but less deadly. We need to take all these emerging reports with a pinch of salt because the truth is that we are still learning about novel fingering. If there is one thing that is completely clear right now, it is the fact that we are close to achieving
About 70 percent of the world’s population would have to be infected to achieve herd immunity.

2. A vaccine for COVID-19 is still at least 6 to 8 months away.

Even though there are more than 30 potential vaccines at the stage of critical human trials, it is highly unlikely that a vaccine fit for human use will be in public circulation by the end of 2020. Remember, developing a vaccine is still the first part of a big part – black vaccination and it is still a long way from here. After being given regulatory approval to the vaccine, there is still a need to find out for people around the world to mass vaccinate and speed up production. In the absence of an effective vaccine, social removal measures and practicing respiratory hygiene are extremely important.

3. We have to live with this new normal

Most importantly, the show must go on. Even though you should avoid getting out as much as possible, some offices are opening and there is also talk of opening educational institutions. Finally, we have to learn to “live with the virus”, at least now, by taking safety precautions and not being complacent.


Wearing a face mask before exiting is non-negotiable, be sure to carry a hand sanitizer wherever you go. Do not touch the outer surface of the mask and consider it contaminated, especially if you have been around other people. Do not go around touching random objects, clean your hands often and, most of all, treat everyone you meet as a COVID carrier.


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