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Women’s Cricket: Nicola Carrie uses small, light balls. Cricket news

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Nicola Carey. (Getty Images)

Melbourne: World Cup winning Australian all-rounder Nicola Carey On Friday the call for women to try shorter and lighter balls in the game was supported which could increase power-boost and in turn increase popularity.
Earlier this week, Indian batsmen Jemimah Rodrigues And captain of new zealand Sophie devine Several ways to boost the popularity of women, including small pitches, small balls, were suggested. Cricket, On ‘ICC 100% innovation ‘webinar.
“I think it would definitely be great to experiment and see if it really has some merit,” Carrie quoted as saying.
According to current rules, the ball used in women’s cricket is much smaller and lighter than that used in men’s sports.
“(Women’s cricket) is in a fairly good position at the moment, but I think there is always room for improvement. If people come up with cool ideas and have a little qualification behind them and you have won them and they work. Do it, why not? ”He added.
The 26-year-old said it was heartfelt for people to interact and give suggestions on how to improve women’s sports.
“I think it’s really cool that they’re talking about different things. Whether it comes into play or not is a different story. But it’s good to see that they’re still thinking outside the box Have been and are trying to help improve the game. Products can be that. ”
Devine said that using a small ball without changing the size of the pitch could change the dynamics of the game as it would have something for both batsmen and bowlers.
“I’m probably a big fan of seeing a small ball, but keeping the pitch in the same shape where I think Pacer is going to be able to bowl fast, the spinners are being able to bend the ball more. Hope. That is what Divine said, “The ball should move a little more in keeping with the traditional length of the pitch.”
Jemimah had said she would be open to the idea of ​​a shorter pitch if it could get in more fans, with Carey saying she was happy with the size of the pitch.
“As far as the small pitch goes, I’m not sure I want to face anybody Tai Vlaminac On a short pitch it is, ”Carey said.
“It’s already coming very quickly. I think I’m very happy to be the same length with the pitch,” she said.


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