World Economic Forum to be held in Singapore next year – World News

World Economic Forum to be held in Singapore next year – World News

Singapore will host the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in May next year to discuss ongoing global issues.

The Strait Times reported that the meeting would take place from 1322 to 16 May next year before returning to Davos, Switzerland.

The Straits Times quoted WEF as saying, “The incident will be a global leadership event to address the worldwide recovery from the Kovid-19 situation.”

The WEF announced its decision to move the annual forum from Switzerland in view of the Kovid-19 situation in Europe, stating that the meeting in Singapore “will be the first global leadership event to address the worldwide recovery from the epidemic”.

The Straits Times quoted Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) as saying, “The WEF’s decision reflects its confidence in the country’s management of the Kovid-19 pandemic and will also boost the field of republic meetings and conferences.”

“Founder and Executive Officer of FEF” Klaus Schwab said “the Global Leadership Summit is key to addressing how we can recover together”.

“The special annual meeting will be a place for business, government and civil society leaders to meet in person for the first time since the onset of the 2021 global epidemic. Schwab said, public-private cooperation is needed to rebuild trust.

WEF hosting will promote Singapore meetings, incentives, conferences and other areas such as the exhibitions (rat) sector and hospitality, the ministry said.

“The first forum will include a virtual component to allow greater participation among the Kovid-19 epidemic,” the ministry said.

The annual forum saw about 3,000 participants in Davos in January, The Straight Times reported.

Next year, during the typically “Davos Week”, the stage will hold a virtual show from 25 to 29 January. It will also host a Global Technology Administration Summit in Tokyo in April.

The ministry said, “All international conferences held in Singapore will similarly follow strict public health and safety measures.”

Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said in a Facebook post that the WEF’s decision “speaks far to the trust of the international community and the amount of this type of trust dealing with Singapore’s epidemic”.

Singapore looks forward to supporting the WEF in its efforts to influence positive change globally through dialogue and engagement, Sing said.

“We can be a positive example of how to safely and consistently resume economic activities,” said Chan, “by successful execution of such high-level meetings as a major global business center Would help to re-install. “

This is the second time since the World Economic Forum has been held outside Switzerland since its inception in 1971 and the first time it will be held in Asia. The 2002 edition was organized to show solidarity with the people of America and the city after the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York.


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