Xi says SCO member states should resolve disputes, differences through dialogue – World News

Xi says SCO member states should resolve disputes, differences through dialogue – World News

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) should deepen mutual trust and resolve disputes and differences through dialogue and consultation, while firmly tackling militant, separatist and extremist forces needed.

Addressing the State Council of Heads of SCO Group via video link, Xi said that history is proven and will continue to prove that good, neighborly friendship will go beyond a beggar-thy-neighborly approach, mutually beneficial. Cooperation will take to zero -sum games and multilateralism will dominate unilateralism.

Commenting against the backdrop of the more than six-month-long border impasse between India and China in East Ladakh, Xi said that we must deepen solidarity and mutual trust and resolve disputes and differences through dialogue and consultation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and eight-member SCO leaders attended the virtual summit organized by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We need to act in terms of common, comprehensive and sustainable security, effectively address all types of threats and challenges, and promote a sound security environment in our region,” he said.

Xi said that SCO countries should “completely oppose external forces interfering in their internal affairs on any pretext”. SCO members should “strongly support the countries concerned with law-based efforts to continuously advance the dominant domestic political agenda.” Countries that strongly support in protecting political security and social stability and under whatever pretext strongly oppose interference by external forces in the domestic affairs of SCO members, ”he said.

To strengthen the political foundations for SCO development “militant, separatists and extremists exploit the epidemic to disintegrate, curb the spread of drugs, prohibit the Internet-based spread of extremist ideology and deepen law enforcement to SCO members Is important to do. Collaboration, “he said.

“It is import. We support biosafety, data security and outer space security and engage in active communication and dialogue in the region”, he said. The founding members of the SCO are China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. India and Pakistan were included in the grouping in 2017. The SCO Summit on video link is being organized by Russia, which will host a virtual summit of leaders of BRICS, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) on 17 November.

India is also set to host a virtual meeting of SCO heads of government on 30 November in which Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang is expected to attend.

On the fight against Kovid-19, Xi said SCO countries should establish a hotline between their Centers for Disease Control, and China to consider a proactive approach to countries’ needs for Kovid-19 vaccines. is ready.

Xi said that strengthening joint forces between countries in prevention and control, supporting each other’s fight against pandemics and exchanges and cooperation in areas such as epidemic surveillance, scientific research, disease prevention and treatment Promotion is necessary.


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