Xiaomi is working on a phone with dual selfie cameras that pops up like an antenna.

Xiaomi is working on a phone with dual selfie cameras that pops up like an antenna.

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Xiaomi Reportedly working on a smartphone that comes with Dual selfie camera It moves out at an angle and looks like an antenna. There are two separate pop-up modules and each module has two lenses – one at the front and the other at the back. The company has filed a patent for this design.
While the rest of the phone looks familiar, the pop-up module looks different because it can click photos simultaneously on both the front and back. It is interesting to see how Xiaomi has managed to put two lenses together in a small pop-up module which usually has room for only one lens.
Patent details shows LetsGoDigital. According to the description, it stated, “The whole front has a screen surface, a selfie camera not visible at first glance. No camera is also visible at the back. Xiaomi has chosen to integrate a dual camera into the top of the device with this design. These cameras exit the housing via a pop-up system.
“A special feature of this camera system is that two camera lenses are placed on both the front and back of the pop-up system,” it added.
There is no prototype about the device yet and it is just a patent. Therefore, no official word has come from Xiaomi about this. Xiaomi has been working on a new selfie camera system for quite some time. Be it revolving under camera modules or hidden glass cameras, Xiaomi plans to make a major design change to the selfie camera in its future phones.
Another patent has revealed that Xiaomi is now thinking about ending the case completely and being able to insert earbuds into the phone. This may sound strange, but it will serve to carry the earbuds safely and charge them together. According to a report by LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi has filed two patents for future smartphones to come with earbud slots. Earbuds can also serve as speakers when placed inside their respective slots on the top half of the phone.


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