YouTube can show Google search results in Android app

YouTube can show Google search results in Android app

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Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube has begun testing a new feature that gets results from a Google search within the YouTube app, according to a report by NDA developers.

Reportedly, a screenshot has emerged on Reddit that shows search results for “open beer with a knife” in the YouTube app. At the bottom of the video search results, there is a dedicated section from Google Search called ‘Results from the Web’.

At the bottom of the card, one can also see a shortcut to take them to Google search results. Even though Google has not said anything on the feature, it is expected to make it more convenient for the user to view search results in terms of both video and web links within the app.

(Image courtesy: Reddit)

The report claimed that this feature is coming in the form of server side updates from the company.

Last week, the company launched a new feature, called Bedtime Reminders, which aims to reduce users’ video viewing time after a few hours. If this feature is enabled, the YouTube app will notify the viewer to stop watching the video and go to bed.

This feature has been made available to both Android and iOS users and is not yet available to those who watch YouTube videos on desktop.

For users to turn on this feature, they need to go to the Settings section of the app, where they can get ‘Remind me when it’s time for bed’. Users can only turn it on or off and even choose a start and end time. For reminder.

A user will also get the option to choose whether or not they want the YouTube app to send a reminder notification at bedtime while watching the video and wait until they are watching the video. To do this, users must select ‘Wait until my video ends to show reminders’ when installing this feature.


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